1. Minesweeper was first introduced as a bundled game in Windows 3.1 in 1992 and became an instant hit.

2.To win the game, you must clear a minefield without setting any mines off. The player must use logic and deduction to mark squares that are suspected to contain mines.

3. Minesweeper has three difficulty levels: Beginner (9x9 grid with 10 mines), Intermediate (16x16 grid with 40 mines), and Expert (30x16 grid with 99 mines).

4. The world record for solving the Expert level Minesweeper game is 31.133 seconds, set by Kamil Muranski in 2017.

5. In 2014, a new world record was set for the longest continuous game of Minesweeper, played for 28 hours and 41 minutes by Lars Korschen at the Minesweeper World Championship in Vienna.

6. Minesweeper has been used as a benchmark for testing artificial intelligence algorithms due to its combination of simplicity and complexity.

7. The Minesweeper game has been included in various TV shows, movies, and video games such as The Big Bang Theory, Spiderman, and Grand Theft Auto.

8. There are various versions of Minesweeper available online, including multiplayer versions where players can compete against each other.

9. Minesweeper has a cult following, with many players developing their own strategies and techniques to improve their gameplay.

10. In 2020, Microsoft released a new version of Minesweeper called Minesweeper Genius, which features a new puzzle mechanic and a more modern design.